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A completely risk-free method for increasing your capital, with profits comparable to thos made from working on the Forex! An absolutely straightforward operating system: you see how much you get, how much we get, and what the expenses are.

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  • Investment plans: 2.00% daily (mon-fri)
  • Min spend: no minimum
  • Max spend: unlimited
  • Payout max time: 9 weeksh
  • Minimum to withdraw: $3
  • Referral: 7%%
  • Payment method: Manual
  • Compounding available: yes
  • Principal return: no
  • Our investment: $700.00
  • Complaints: 7 (6 pending, 0 solved, 1 unsolved) ?
  • Verification level: unverified?


Name Profit Time of interest Min. deposit Max. deposit Period Compounding
d 2.00% daily (mon-fri) unlimited unlimited unlimited none

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Payout speed
Support quality
If you see the sign "Care Investors Program" this means that you get a possibility to report any missed deposit or pending withdrawal even if you are not referred by us. A program's representative can join to any dispute and respond directly in our system. All complaints are monitored and verified by our investigation team.
In this way, your complaints are verified by a third and indepedent party. We publish the information how many complaints the program have and how many of them are solved, pending and unsolved.
We have 3 levels of verification process. Every level has individual rules, please visit our advertise page for more details.
Feel free to invite program administrators to get more confidence and to access verification procedures.

Every program position depends on many factors:

Base points - 80
Ordered points - 0
Our rating points - 0
Points for verification - 0
ROI points - 294
Monitoring time points - 2629
Deposit volume points - 140

Payout speed
Support quality
2012-11-11 15:03:57 aantriack 11 days withdraw pending, no have receive email confirmation about pending. unsolved
2012-01-01 22:00:35 mikeandlinda i see you been getting back to me but not sure how to read the messagess i log in and see you replied but i cant open them can you help? thanke Linda pending
2011-12-30 20:25:53 mikeandlinda i went on the home site and see someone got a payment it said back on track i strted with them on sept and put money in from liberty reserve but when i try to do withdraw it says i need debit card then i opened a new account were you can only use liberty and went to withdraw and you can withdraw to liberty not sure why with one you can withdraw and the other says you need debit card? do you have info thanks Linda pending
2011-12-20 06:03:26 mikeandlinda i have been in sept 9 2011 and put it in with liberty Reserve but in my account it still has all 3 prosasors i opened a new account and that one has only liberty and it has the withdraw for liberty the one i put my money in says i need debit card first do you know if there slowly changing all the accounts to liberty so we can withdraw? pending
2011-11-26 10:19:37 ivaho dsffdsdfsdsffddfs f dsaf w dsf pending
2012-03-13 18:29:00 Status changed to not paying
2011-05-14 01:29:03 Status changed to on hold
2011-05-14 01:13:45 Status changed to waiting
2011-05-14 01:13:06 Status changed to waiting
2011-05-14 01:13:03 Status changed to waiting



As I expected, Sportarbs is still silent, they ignore all of us. No news, no updates, no withdrawals. I'm forced then to change their status from ON HOLD to NOT PAYING even if their website is still on-line. I don't believe that they will be reborn, I lost both my confidence and patience.

It doesn't mean that everything here was tricky, I am sure that Sportarbs really tried to run withdrawals and launch debit cards, but all of the problems turned out to be beyond their capabilities. Even if that’s the cases, Sportarbs should be closed and all investors should be refunded at least partially. This did not happen so I am not going to tolerate the fact that Sportarbs is accepting new investors and they pay selectively.

I'm not sure if our documents sent during the verification process are safe, so be sensitive to any suspicious actions.



due to no updates, no news, no response from Sportarbs for a long time I decided to keep ON HOLD status for the next month only.
If this month doesn't bring any serious progress I will change the status to NOT PAYING.
I can't keep ON HOLD status forever, Sportarbs is accepting new deposits but they are not able to handle all payouts for all these new investors. This behavior is not acceptable and I have no choice cause I can't tolerant selective payments.
Sportarbs should disable their referral program if it brings so many problems but they do not do that. This behavior is suspicious for me so my position can't remain neutral.



I am not writing any news because I have no news regarding debit cards etc.
but I have a confirmation that some of the new investors stopped receiving their payments via Liberty Reserve. Here is the example:

Sportarbs replied to me that those new investors who violate the SA's User Agreement have to apply for a debit card.


The main domain name was recovered.


Sportarbs website is offline but there is a new update published on their partnership service
"Urgent news! Due to some temporary problems with the primary domain ( our website is available at Thank you for cooperation."

I guess that they have troubles with their domain registrar ( so use this new domain: to login to your account.


I am trying to get some news but without a success. I only got information that 'Sportarbs' name is burned before different authorities and they try to realize their goals indirectly (time consuming methods).
All new investors receive their withdrawals without delay, but their support is still off-line. Due to lack of information and communication I am not sure if we deal with a reset of program or this is only a step forward to pay old investors.
Time will verify my doubts.


1) I'd to confirm that new investors receive Liberty Reserve withdrawals from their deposits.
Our friend has registered a new account and has spend a test deposit without a compounding and his withdrawals were processed in a quick time. It doesn't mean that we should now register new accounts and make new deposits until our old obligations will be fulfilled.

2) After the last maintenance time all members are obliged to update 2 security questions of their accounts. From now you will be able to retrieve your PIN in the automatic mode after giving correct answers to these both questions.


A small update. I have got information that new investors receive their withdrawals to Liberty Reserve without any limitation and I have a few batches of transactions. Here is the list and you can verify these transactions here:

Russian language.

марина павлова (Ukraine)

Withdrawn amount: $67.00

From: U6777444

of Batch #73000615

To: U6489301
все нормально, деньги выплачивают,как и обещали.

Transaction Date : 10/09/2011
Катя Беляева (Ukraine)

Withdrawn amount: $15.53

From: U6777444

of Batch #69613674

To: U7113165
Выплата пришла через 2 часа после заказа

Transaction Date : 09/04/2011.

Сергей Глушенок (Russia)

Withdrawn amount: $223.00

From: U6777444

of Batch #68751673

To: U7779117
Cпасибо! дай бог жизни проекту!

Transaction Date : 08/24/2011.

German language.

Wolfgang (Germany)

Ausgezahlter Betrag:

From: U6777444
Batch #72714673
To: U8628950
Auszahlung ratzfatz. So kann es weitergehen
Wolfgang vom Bodensee

Transaction Date : 10/06/2011.

French language.

van david pham (France)

Le montant de retrait: €20.00
De: U6777444
Batch #73931066
A: U4402670

ma demande de retrait a été traite avec beaucoup de succès
merci beaucoup à sportarbs je resterai éternellement avec vous.

Transaction Date : 10/18/2011.

Good day.


I also heard that more and more old investors are able to withdraw money via Liberty Reserve but I have no confirmation from investors yet.

What is also interesting, the official Youtube canal was updated with a new video about Liberty Reserve account (French version only). Here is the link to this video:

Looks like debit card issue is not easy to realize and they prepare Liberty Reserve as the alternative.



time is running out and I feel the debit card issue is too difficult to manage for Sportarbs team. The new management is not working more efficiently than the old. There is still a lack of information, no update in September. Here is only what I found, Sportarbs' response to the investor's question about debit cards:

"New clients can already withdraw money via Liberty Reserve. More and more old accounts are connected to the withdrawal process performed with Liberty Reserve. We do not advertise this, but the process is underway, because transfer to debit cards is currently impeded. If you ask me when your account get transferred to LR, I will tell you that I don’t know, because I don’t possess this kind of information and can only recommend you to wait."

What does it mean? It means exactly what I suggested, they waive from debit cards and they consider to enable Liberty Reserve withdrawals for all investors. I think this is exactly what all investors expect and this is the easiest and quickest way to restore withdrawal process.

I feel this is the only reasonable way and if Sportarbs do not trust payment processors they can process withdrawals in parts. It's a better solution than waiting and waiting. There's nothing worse than waiting and waiting and then not getting an apology or acknowledgment. If Sportarbs really want to fulfill their obligations they should starting process withdrawals via Liberty Reserve. I hope to get a confirmation directly from Sportarbs soon.

ps. our friend has made a new deposit to verify the information about processing withdrawals to new investors, I'll notify you about the results of this test.


To confirm my words from the last update about processing withdrawals of new investors I paste withdrawal confirmation which I've found on russian forum:

Date : 2011-27-09 20:26:08
From/To Account : U6777444 (Sportarbs International Corp.)
Amount : 50.00
Currency : LRUSD
Batch : 71763348
Memo :

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